Music? who doesn't love music by the way? Most of people can't live without music i guess. But it's all coming back to their tastes, and how often they listen to it. Now's my turn to write about my music, haha.. Okay, let's begin from my child life. Probably i've been listening to music since i was a baby. I only remember first time my mom introduced me to New Kids On The Block when i was 3 or 4. That was when i lived in Australia i guess. When i came back to Jakarta, i started listening to Trio Kwek Kwek and such type of music lol. When i grew up, i started listening to other music thru MTV and radios haha. Ok better just begin with my crushes on music instead of hearing, i mean reading this never ending trashy talk :p


Who doesn't know Britney Spears? Hmmm this is my first crush on music. I like her since first time i saw her on tv! hahahaaa.. I was in love when i saw her on Baby One More Time video. I been collecting lotta things from her. Start from CDs, VCDs, DVDs, cassettes, till CURIOUS perfume which is her EDP product lol. I used to danced her moves too, and i always did that every time i saw her video. I also watched her movie, Crossroads too, haha i know it was embarrassing but i really likey like her a lot!  She used to be boney at first single. Then when i saw Sometimes video, she turned into a big boob girl, but prettier :p then the rumor came up that she did the plastic surgery. Hmm but the hottest gossip of all was her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Aaah, that's a pity. I really wanted her to be back with Justin actually. Her second album, Oops I Did It Again, was entering billboard chart too. But My fav album of all is her third album, Britney. There's a single written by Justin Timberlake on this album, What It's Like To Be Me. That's a very cool single with Justin's mouth voice. Her fourth album, In The Zone, is a bit different from her previous album. This sounds more to R n B. Her debut is Me Against The Music featuring Madonna. Hmmm, i guess both singer are talented, gift from God. Then Britney married Kevin Federline and now she had two kids with no husbands :-/. She once cut her hair off bold! She's been stressed by the time she got divorced with Kevin. But somehow, i still like her thou for whatever reason :p. After stressed out, she released Blackout album. Don't know why, i never ever like his album. When she came back and done recovery things, she released her next album named Circus. Beside those albums, i also collected her B-sides tracks and i guess now i already completed her tracks collection lol. Her video, Womanizer was declared as the sexiest video in 2008. Now she hits the top chart again, with her debut 3. Awww, i really really like her!! :x :x


I like Suede since i was in elementary school. First time i heard their song is when i bought Now compilation cassette where a single by Suede included. I was really into Beautiful Ones single. Then i saw them on MTV with other videos such as Lazy, Everything Will Flow, and She's In Fashion. I also often listened to radios to get latest info about Suede and also their hits. Aaahh, never knew i would love Suede this much. It has unique Brett's British accent and Bernard's trashy guitar sound. Bernard butler yet still on Suede until he resigned and Neil Codling replaced him on Coming Up album. My first love with Suede is when i heard this album. Actually all the guitar tabs has done by Butler, so Codling just have to play those guitar parts. Ever since i liked Suede, i also collect their previous albums, Suede and Dog Man Star. Yeah both albums are crunchier than Coming Up but i like Coming Up the most. My most fav Suede album is Coming Up. I couldn't describe how much i like all the songs here. YES. All the songs, no exception :p. Next album we got Head Music. This was the era when Suede was booming, i guess. I love the hits such as Electricity and She's in Fashion. And then the next album, A New Morning, made a debut single called Positivity. I guess Suede has imprinted as the best britpop band ever tattooed in my brain lol. The bad news was, A New Morning is their last album before they were disband. By the year 2003, they hit Indonesia to hold a concert. Oh my, i couldn't believe that i can't attend the concert. I was 17 at that time and didn't have extra money for buying ticket concert. Yeah that was a pity but, whatsoever, i couldn't regret anymore. During the break up, i started collecting their B-sides too, especially looking for Sci Fi Lullabies album. Ever since they broke up, Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler made a band called The Tears. Their music has the same beat, but more cheerful and positive. They only released one album. And then both Brett and Bernard made their own album with their own style. And now by the year 2010, they admit themselves reunion. They've been so busy now for doing reunion and i'm still waiting for them to comeback in Indonesia to do the show.


First time i heard Muse song and instantly fell in love with them is in 2002, when In Your World single came out. It hit the chart of Prambors radio at number 1 for three times. Then i continued looking for their other tracks. I don't know why everytime i listen to muse songs i always get into the hype, the beat, and feeling  inside Matthew Bellamy's thoughts. It was really hard to find their B-side tracks at that time (not like this time).  And at the verge of obsessed with him, i started making Muse-Indonesia Fans Club (2006). I did everything to show that i'm so into Muse. i made T-shirts, helped my ex boyfriend establish a Muse Indonesia web page, and also collecting their CDs, DVDs, and videos. Now i've already had more than 20 gigabytes of their videos (i stopped collecting at 2007, i focused on mini thesis and graduation). But don't ever doubt my collection of Muse. I have the all CD albums includes Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations (Special edition), HAARP (Special Edition), The Resistance (DVD Bonus). And DVDs i have are Hullabaloo and Absolution Tour. My very best moment is saw them live in front of my eyes, even only for meters at press conference i attended, and it ended up with my talks with Matthew Bellamy. This is for details. And my most fantastic achievement of being a muser is made A TRIBUTE TO MUSE. Oh God, i was so young at that time. With limited committees, i did my best to make this event runs well. I also sold my cellular phone to make this tribute comes true. Yea, i have no connection with any sponsors, most of them just gave me products but i can't even sell it all. Me and my committees sold foods and snacks to cover all production cost. And it finally held on august 26, 2007 with theme: Hyper Musical: Gathering and A Tribute to Muse. I couldn't even believe my show ran well. It presented  five best Muse cover bands that we have selected before. The audience were very good and enjoyed the show, how  happy i was. I really thanked my committees for helped me. I've tried my best to make this show goes success. I'm still longing for Muse to comeback here in Indonesia as they promised before when last time they had a concert here. This is my very crush on music among others. X)


Wow, this is a band who has a gorgeous and uncanny vocalist, Cherys Matthews. Yes, another britpop band. First time i heard them on Prambors in 2002, i was impressed by Dead From The Waist Down track. Then i continued looking for their other tracks until now. First album i had is Paper, Scissor, Stone. Then i got International Velvet, Way Beyond Blue, and Equally Cursed and Blessed. They also released Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits in 2006. Catatonia has 2 collaboration tracks, Baby It's Cold Outside (with Tom Jones) and The Ballad of Tom Jones (with Space). But i favorited The Ballad of Tom Jones most. That was a psycho, funny, weird, eeerrgh i can't tell more, hear it yourself. Overall, their color of music is rather cheerful, cynical, and masochist. Once i listen to their songs, i will never let this music stop easily till my ear get weary :p. Now they have disband and i once asked to Cherys Matthews about reunion, she answered that it couldn't happen. Now she has realeased her solo album, and it was a simple welsh pop music, but Catatonia fans can still enjoy it :).


I knew System of A Down since i hit high school level but the my college friend Reggie injected me much much music from SOAD. He gave me the whole tracks of SOAD up to the B-side tracks too. Eerrrrr, i didn't know why i suddenly liking them so much since they released their Mezmerize and Hypnotize albums. Those albums are such a spirited, dynamic, and full of guts. And yes, i love Serj Tankian's voice. Actually SOAD came from Tunisia but growing up in America, the land where they were inspired of making music. They previous albums like System of A Down, Steal This Album, and Toxicity are just awesome too, but Mezmerize is my fav one. I love the whole tracks of this album from Oldschool Hollywood, Question, Radio Video (i usually sing this song with Reggie), Revenga, Sad Statue, This Cocaine Makes  Me Feel Like I'm on This Song, and moree..... Now they admitted vacum, but promised us to come back oneday. I'll wait for them patiently for sure :)


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