Waddya know about flirting? Teasing someone to make him/her like you? Mmm.. How many times did you flirt someone? And, what makes you flirting? Hmmm flirting is a condition where you're trying to tease someone to get something from him/her. Well, that's my point of view. Most of common people are flirting to get attention from their objects, aren't they? Could be thou. Sometimes people  just cut off that flirting is a way to get sex with other people. Correct me if i was mistaken hahahha. Sometimes flirting can't be defined as an activity of willing to get sexually noticed, but i once did flirt to get attention of someone i like. Hey, it is not about those sensual thingy but yea boys will always be boys, they love sensual talk. I was flirting to show him how i feel. And it was like, 'hey, i'm so into you... did you get that connection? I couldn't even resist you more, i don't know what else can make you turn to me, so i must doing this flirty things to ya' hahaha.. And I MADE IT!! haha.. He noticed me but i dont' know where the hell his mind went. Ok forget about that. Seriously, that was an awkward experience of my life but yeaahh.. Sometimes they do notice us when we're flirting :) What about your story guys??


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