When i was about 8 or 9, i did watch Indonesian horror movie called Babi Ngepet. Maybe some of you have already watched it too. It happened when i went home after school. I was like, i still had much time to spare, I'm still kid so i better watch this movie instead of doing homework. Okay so the movie began. At first i feel like nothing's gonna happen until i saw the scene where the swine took the goldfish from a basin and the swine ate it RARELY and did it voraciously instead! Ewwwwwh, i was disgusted and from that time till now on i didn't EVER wanna eat any fish no more!! Unless it is fishcakes or such i still don't mind :-/ oh well, you know what? Before i watched this movie, I'll always have my intend to eat fishes but now, please don't let yourself offering me fishes. Awkward, but that's my reality LOL.


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