Salzburg, Austria

After visiting Munich, we moved to Salzburg, Austria. Actually, we did not attempt to visit this city, just to pass through before visiting Venice. But since we were on a euro-trip, we would like to give this a try. We stayed there in airbnb for 2 nights. Salzburg is well-known for the city of Mozart, as well as The Sound of Music. I think there are many tours providing these two highlights. The most tourist part of Salzburg is the city center, where many tourist attractions are merged in one place.  When we got there, the view itself is already beautiful. Salzburg is also lied in Alps, where beautiful mountains are everywhere. That explains why the level of this city is mostly uneven. People in Austria speaks German, that explains why both countries are from the same root, Bavarian. This could be titled as from an unintended visit to such a relieving journey. 

Love Bridge
Salzburg City Center
Living Mozart
Salzburg Cathedral
Even the cemetery is beautiful
In the city center, we visited Salzburger Altstadt, Salzburg Fortress, Salzburg Cathedral, and many other beautiful historical buildings (I can't remember them one by one as there are too many yet very close one to another). Not only historical buildings, Salzburg also has such a beautiful landscape of its Alps. We also visited Mirabell Palace and Gardens, a beautiful garden filled with many beautiful flowers. A friend in Munich suggested us to buy a sachertorte cake, a very popular chocolate cake in Austria. One slice of this cake is pretty expensive, around 7. I thought it would be very tasty (as I bought it for iftar), turned out it's not as delicious as people said.

Mirabell Palace and Garden
To kill the time before iftar, we unintendedly visited Hangar 7 in the evening (as a request from my travel partner), then had a nice walk while enjoying beautiful Alps when going home. Overall, Salzburg is worth visiting, truly represents Europe as a whole. One thing to be considered is the accommodation. Compared to other cities in Europe, it still considered very expensive. However, transportation and foods are still affordable in this city.

Hangar 7 Red Bull
Enjoying Salburg Scenery


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