Florence, Italy

Typical architecture in Florence
Florence, or mostly known by the locals as Firenze, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is on Tuscany, the northern part of Italy. It has more beautiful yet cleaner area compared to Venice or Rome. Actually it was by accident we eventually had to visit Florence. We missed our flight to Santorini when we were in Rome, so we went straight to Florence before going to Pisa on the next journey. Actually I didn't know where to go when in Florence but then I relied on tripadvisor to visit the city.

Santa Maria Cathedral
Piazza del Duomo
Most of the main attractions in Florence are located in City Center. There are many architectural and historical buildings along the route from hotel to city center. We visited them one by one. We just noticed that there many statues of Michelangelo and David here in Florence. When we arrived in city center, we were amazed by the wonderful architecture of historical buildings there. We visited Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, on Piazza del Duomo. We queued on the line, and went inside the Cathedral. We then strolled around Florence and my partner stopped by to buy gelato. It was tempting enough for me who fasted that day. I also visited Merkato Centrale, a central market that mostly sells everything made from leather. You should buy bags or wallet here if you had spare on your luggage.
Inside the Cathedral
Firenze Sinagoge
We had no idea anymore then we attempted to visit Sinagoga di Firenze e Museo ebraico. It was a sinagoge, a place for Jewish to pray as well as a museum. Since we were already exhausted, we then decided to go home and took a rest. However, I still craved for a gelato, so when I had iftar, I stopped by to a gelateria near the accommodation. As you may already know, gelateria and pizzeria are always within walking distance in this country.


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