Venice, Italy

My partner and I had a wonderful journey in Salzburg previously. Now we headed to Venice, Italy by train. We booked the hotel from Agoda. When we arrived in Venice, we directly bought 24-hour ticket for local transport (bus, tram, and water taxi), then heading to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, a very unpleasant thing occurred. No one showed up at the hotel. Moreover, it is not a hotel at all but a bed and breakfast registered as a hotel at Agoda and I tried to call the property by having its phone number through google. We phoned and waited like 3 hours but no-one responded. I obliged to call Agoda call center for hours and it took all my phone data to zero. I demanded a refund due to this inconvenience occurrence. We then finally looked for a hotel nearby, and had a rest. Since we only had one night in Venice, we decided to go to the canal afterwards. It was almost twilight as i also had to break my fasting (it was still Ramadan). When we got to the canal, I then had a nice chocolate gelato for iftar. Thank God it was super delicious, prolly the best gelato I ever tasted. We were quite disappointed as we couldn't get into the canal as it was too dark. We then finally went back to hotel and had dinner nearby.

Most favourite thing in Venice

The next morning we went to the Grand Canal once again. We strolled around there and found not so interesting spots. There are many historical buildings but not as interesting as other buildings in Europe. The canal was quite smelly, and I thought Venice would be as beautiful as the pictures. Yeah, at least I already visited Venice. We then had to go to the bus station to continue our journey to Rome.
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