Rome, Italy (plus Vatican)

After spending two days in Venice, we headed to Rome by bus. It took very long journey as Rome is in the southern part of Italy while Venice is in a bit north. When we arrived in Rome, it was already night and dark so we stopped by at a pizzeria nearby to have iftar. We then bought travel ticket for 2 days, and went straight to the bnb.
Roman Forum
Ruins are everywhere in this city
Our journey starts in the morning where we were gonna visit Coloseum. We took a bus to be there, though people actually prefer a tour bus to travel within Rome. When we got there, I was kinda surprised by the crowd. It was such a crowded place where people selling drinks and everything within every one step you take. It was like a traditional market, I say. We then went to Roman Forum, a place nearby Coloseum where the ruins of Rome are still preserved. Since many place can't be entered if you don't pay the entry ticket, we decided just to have a stroll and took pictures around them. Moreover, it was super sunny summer day yet I still have to fast during the day so I wanted to walk less. We then moved to Pantheon, a historical place in Rome. I also got tempted during my visit in Italy as gelateria is everywhere. I love gelato so much, but not ice cream. That's two different things tho! I also had to buy a new simcard there, as my simcard was blocked previously due to calling Agoda call center to complain about my booking.

Vatican City
We also went to Vatican city, where it is a sacred place for Catholics to visit. Unlike Rome, Vatican is a bit cleaner since it is a very small city within Rome. We saw the lining to enter the Cathedral in Vatican was very long, thus we decided not to come in as the day was super duper hot! (it is free of charge tho). We then just strolled around and stopped by to McDonalds to buy foods for breakfasting (iftar) to be eaten at home. We then spent one more night in Rome to continue our journey the next day.


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