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I was really expecting my trip to Switzerland would be amazing, as it was my intention to visit Meiringen and Lucens, where there are two spots related to Sherlock Holmes to be visited. We took a train from Pisa to Lucern, then continue to Zurich airport. We booked a car to be picked up there, as it is cheaper to book a car from the airport. We then had an overnight as well in Zurich. At first we were shocked by the food price there. It is pretty expensive compared to other countries in the Europe. We stayed in airbnb, and had a stroll in the evening around Zurich city center. Zurich is a lovely place, more to a civilised area in Switzerland.

Reichenbach Fall
In the morning, we went to Meiringen to visit Reichenbach Fall. We were going through such beautiful mountains and lakes during our road-trip, and passed many road-tunnels. As we are currently studying tunnel engineering, we were so excited and nerding around about tunnels during our journey lol. When approaching the area, we went through many steep roads before arriving to the destination. When we arrived in the Reichenbach Fall, we needed to pass also steep walks, before finally seeing the Fall. When we arrived in Reichenbach Fall, there lies also beautiful Swiss alps, yet we were pleased by the scenery and fresh air there. Just for your information, Reichenbach Fall is a tale place where Sherlock Holmes defeated Moriarty and survived. 

Reichenbach Funicular
Serlock Holmes museum, Meiringen
We also took Reichenbach funicular from car park to the fall, and then visited Sherlock Holmes museum near the area. It will take approx 1-2km away from the fall to the museum. Don't worry, it is not that far as you can enjoy beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes during your walk lol. The area is also well-arranged for Sherlock Holmes tour as there are many hotels and restaurants with Sherlock-esque ambience. When arriving in the museum, there will be a huge statue of him in front of the place, and there are useful information along the walk from the statue to the museum. The museum is not quite big. It is located on the basement, equipped with electronic information through personal earphone, which is not available in London's museum. You can also buy some souvenirs there, and have a meal outside the museum as there is a restaurant named Conan Doyle Place. The museum itself is open at 1 pm. The museum ticket is already included if you buy the package on Reichenbach Funicular (and is very cheap).

Meiringen Area
Sherlock Holmes museum, Lucens
We then got to our car, continuing our journey to Lucens. We intended to visit the other Sherlock Holmes museum in Switzerland there, but unfortunately it was close when we arrived. We just took some photos of the museum, and then we decided to visit the nearest lake to had a rest. We finally visited lake Gruyere, about one hour from our next stay. We instantly sunbathing after seeing many people also swam and had picnic lol. We could not help the fresh lake water and also did swim there. After spending more than an hour in lake, we then finally finished our journey in Switzerland and had a stay in Romont area. Surprisingly, this is the best journey we ever had in our eurotrip, as we were satisfied by the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, no pollution, and experiencing one of the best road-tunnels in Europe. We would definitely visit again if we had the chance.
Lake Gruyere


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