Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe
Paris was our last euro-trip destination before we get back to England. We took an air-plane there from Geneva, as it is cheaper compared to bus or train. Though still can't move on with Switzerland, I still need to continue my journey. We landed in Orly airport Paris, then took a metro to get to our bed and breakfast. Yes we used so many airbnb rooms during our trip as it is a lot cheaper, and has faster wi-fi lol. Also, they provide washing machine, tumble dryer, and kitchen too. We need to wash our clothes when it is a very long trip, right? I craved for a Belgian waffle that day so we went out after put our luggage to the bnb and had a delicious Belgian waffle and we also had crepes, lol! We took a rest on day one, and started the journey in the morning.

Oh so delicious desserts
Our first trip was going to Arc de Triomphe. It is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, in Champs-Élysées. We then moved to the famous Eiffel Tower. When we arrived, we need to walk like 10 minutes to figure out the location, and stroll around for hours to get the best spot in Eiffel. We then visited Pont Alexandre III, and went straight to Musée du Louvre. Please beware of scams near these areas, they may trick you with card games or offering humanity petitions. Paris is indeed a very romantic city, if you put aside the criminal thing. My partner got scammed near the Louvre, thus he then did not have any intention to continue the trip.

Musee du Louvre

The next day we actually did not want to go anywhere, but we ended up getting bored and decided to look for a park nearby. We visited Buttes-Chaumont Park, had a stroll until we get so bored. Then during our way home, we decided to buy super delicious croissant near our place. Yes, our very intention to visit this country is to try their delish desserts. I still remember how good it was when I had the croissants, super yum!! I then also met my undergrad pal who works in Paris in the evening, and we would like to have an iftar that day, as I was fasting during the trip. We met and went to Sacré-Cœur previously, a cathedral that is located in the highest level in Paris. There, we can see the whole city of Paris, with beautiful landscape. My friend said that it was not as crowded as it is now. Then we moved to Notre Dame for a while, and went to Republique to look for a restaurant to dine in. Republique is the location where I stayed in. You will never regret visiting Paris if you look for a place to eat like crazy. 

Buttes-Chaumont Park
Sacre Coeur
Notre Dame with Bosil, my undergrad buddy
I then took a rest in the bnb since my flight was the next day at noon from Orly airport. We took Orly bus as it is the most affordable yet convenient transportation from Paris to Orly. We had a flight to Birmingham, since it is much closer to Coventry than arriving in London. Also, sometimes the flight from and to Birmingham is a lot cheaper than London airports. 
Musee du Louvre


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