Munich, Germany

Rathaus in Marienplatz
After visiting Berlin, we moved to Munich the next day. We took a bus as my friend wanted to experience Auto-Bahn in Germany hahah. We booked a room in airbnb, as it is more comfortable yet affordable to us. By the time we got there, we had an iftar (break-fasting) around Marienplatz with a friend who is currently studying in Munich. We had Asian dishes in a halal Vietnamese restaurant (I forgot the name). I was quite surprised as the portion is like super big and I couldn't even finish them all although they are super delicious. We went to a beer house afterwards (a must thing to if you're travelling to Munich). Since I don't consume alcohol, I just had a nice chat with them, and then went back to airbnb before midnight.

Pride of Munich
BMW Museum
In the morning, we began our journey in Munich. At first, we visited Allianz Arena, a very much pride stadium in Munich. The stadium is quite big, and very worth visiting compared to other stadiums in Europe. Second location to be visited is BMW museum, where the collections of BMW cars are located in the very heart of Munich. I didn't go inside as I didn't want to pay extra money but my friend did. I think it's worth it if you're an automotive enthusiast. As we didn't have much plan in Munich, we then just straight forward to English Garden, I think it is he biggest garden in Munich. Many people had their picnic there, or just sunbathing as it was during summertime when we got there.

English Garden


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