Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate
After 2 nights in Amsterdam, We moved to Berlin by bus (Flixbus). We had an overnight during the journey on the bus. Yes you can imagine, I can never EVER sleep on the bus OMG. It felt like a nightmare to me. As the trip is on Ramadan, I must maintain my worship as well during the journey. I brought a little Quran in my bag so i can read it anytime I had spare time (mostly in transport between cities like this). We arrived in Berlin in the morning, and went straight to airBnB to put the luggage only. Our check in time is afternoon so we couldn't take a bath before our trip in Berlin hahaha. Thank God the host was fine if we put the luggage first before check in time.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Our first destination is off course Brandenburg gate. This gate a historical site of Berlin, symbol of the European unity and peace. Since I'm addicted to Abrahamic religion histories, I also visited Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This monument is kinda unique where the land has uneven levels, and also has its dark ambience. Our third trip was to visit Topography of Errors, where it contains many histories during Nazi regime. I can assume that Berlin is the city of German's history. As I quite like history, I can enjoy this city quite a lot. We then also visited the ruins of Berlin wall, where it used to be separating East and West Germany. 

Topography of Errors
If you are into European histories, Berlin is truly worth visiting. In addition, everything is a lot cheaper than any other cities in Europe. Foods are great, where many affordable yet delicious Turkish dish are everywhere in Berlin. Most of the Muslims here are from Turkey so I suggest you try Turkish dish if visiting Berlin. I had Turkish Baklava for iftar in one of the Turkish Restaurants and it was sooo good yummm!! German people are also quite good in English so you won't find any difficulties in speaking English. Our next journey is to visit Munich, where I'll post it right after this one ;)

Ruins of the Berlin Wall


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