This is my first gig while I'm staying in the UK. I like the band, and the songs a lot, back in my days when I was a teenager on early 2000's. Starsailor follow the tone of Britpop, with their hits Four to The Floor, Alcoholic, Good Souls, and the phenomenon Silence is Easy. Despite the location, I didn't wanna miss this show. It's only 40 mins away from where I live, and term 1 of my course had just ended (not the exam thou). The concert was held in The Assembly, Leamington Spa. They played very well, and also the crowd was really enthusiast. None of the gig goers were teenager, I suppose, rather than late 30's I bet. It was also my first gig I went to by myself, since no-one gave an attention to this band in my radius lol. I did really enjoy the show, not to mention I did have a nice meal on Viallis (you should try it at least once when you're in Leamington Spa. For this show, scale 7 out of 10 is indeed the best rating. 
Front row again? yes please


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