Right next after my last concert-attending in Manchester, I decided (not compulsively) to go to Glasgow and Edinburgh cos why not? We were already in northern part of England so I thought we should give it a try. When we arrived in Glasgow, the first thing that came up into my head was traditional. Not only that, this city is way livelier than Coventry (off course it is) and a very interesting place to have a stroll. So here we are in Glasgow. At first stop I visited Pollok Country Park, a very nice place to stroll and sense the fresh air of Glasgow. Then we went to Necropolis, An ancient graveyard, very spooky yet challenging to visit hahah. I didn't even have the gut to take pictures there. Then finally to the city center. Yes every city in the UK has their own city center, this is the most interesting part in the UK when you come to visit the Great Britain. We did not manage to visit many places because we already booked our coach to Edinburgh that night but I guess these are the most valuable places to visit in Glasgow (based on tripadvisor).

Pollok Country Park
View from Necropolis
Glasgow City Center


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