Edinburgh Old Town
After visiting Glasgow, we arrived in Edinburgh. This is the city where I've been up to in Scotland as it is the birthplace of my favourite sleuth-fiction series, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In the morning, I had a breakfast in Loudons, a quite famous cafe in Edinburgh. We met some friends there and then we visited Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, a spiritual centre dedicated for Conan Doyle since he is a devoted spiritualist. There is also a Sherlock Holmes Tea Room on the centre. Not long after, we dropped by to Sherlock Holmes statue, The Conan Doyle Pub, and Medical School of University of Edinburgh where ACD took his medical doctor degree. It was such a pilgrimage, you may say, in this very old town. Speaking of old town, there's an area in Edinburgh called the Old Town. It was such a lovely place to stroll around, and Also The Royal Mile close to it. Other than that, Arthur's Seat offers an open-space view and Edinburgh scenery from certain feet (I can't measure though). Arthur's seat is one of a kind of place where I'd love to travel where you can feel serenity in the open space with less crowd. Edinburgh Castle is also a great spot to come by, though I did not manage to visit because lack of time to visit many places in Edinburgh for only one day. If you love a bit crowd, Edinburgh Christmas Market may suit you. It is near the station, but can only be visited during Christmas time. I can assure you that Edinburgh is a worth place visiting whenever you're going to Great Britain, other than London and Devon (I'll post about the latter soon).

Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Castle
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh Christmas Market


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