Red Hot Chili Peppers in Manchester

After having a tight term 1 course schedule, my friend who is also my flatmate, and I were going to see RHCP concert in Manchester. Why Manchester? Not only because it was the cheapest RHCP concert in the UK, the schedule suited ours as well. It was also a chance for my pal who is an MU fan to visit Old Trafford there. It took like 3 hours to go to Manchester by Bus from Coventry. By the time we arrived, we visited Old Trafford to have a stadium tour. Only him actually, I only accompanied him lol. We finished at 4pm, and headed to Manchester Arena, where the concert took place. The gate was already opened and we directly entered the concert hall.
Visiting Manchester United
Manchester Arena
The opening act band was Babymetal, a metal band from Japan. The performance was great and quite unique. This band is a next big thing I suppose. Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up on time, and they brought old hits such as Around The World, Otherside, Californication, and By The Way. One thing I love about RHCP, they never change the colour of their music though they had on and off band members, and high demands as well. Their current music and albums can always be enjoyed by people from their generation (including me). In the middle of their performance, Babymetal showed up and they collaborated once. It was really, really great ambience thou. Their best new songs were also played such as Go Robot, Dark Necessities, and Sick Love. They had like 3 encore songs, which I couldn't believe they did not perform Can't Stop, as it is my all-time RHCP song. The crowd was full-house, though they had several gigs going in the UK. For me, this concert is worth it as they also giving away free CDs from their latest album for all the concert participants. Nice advertisement indeed. This show I prefer to give 7.5 scale out of 10. Who can resist a good ol' band, can't you?

Full-House Crowd
Red Hot Chili Peppers


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