Definitely Devon

If there is one place I can only visit other than London in the UK, the answer is Devon! Why Devon? At first, I intended to come here just because it is the inspiring place for Arthur Conan Doyle's work, The Hound of the Baskervilles, named Hound Tor. Hound Tor is one of the landmarks in Dartmoor National Park, Devon. However, The Hound of the Baskervilles is one of the most successful stories of Sherlock Holmes canons. Another reason is because Devon is the hometown of my number 1 favourite band, MUSE. It is Teignmouth town, approximately 45 mins from the Moor. I planned this trip carefully, since there is no public transportation on South Devon. Luckily, my airbnb host, David, offered to take us to the place (yay). Moreover, the house is in Teignmouth, and very near to the spots in Teignmouth which I wanted to visit hehehe. Turned out the heater on the house was installed by Matthew Bellamy's uncle 😲

Hound Tor Medieval
David took us to Hound Tor by his car. He is such a generous and  a well-educated man. I never expected Hound Tor would be this comforting, peaceful, and serene. Unlike many populated area in England, Dartmoor is very quite and I think I would have my retirement in this kinda place. After wandering around, David and his partner took us to one of the best cafes in the Moor. The foods were amazing, not to mention the owner gave us a Christmas pudding, and we share it for 4 (lol). Actually we wanted to continue to Hay Tor (David said it is more beautiful than Hound Tor) but unfortunately it was raining. We finally went back to Teignnouth.

Teignmouth Community School
Tranquil Teignmouth
As a big fan of Muse, I wouldn't wanna let go this opportunity to visit their school, Teignmouth Community College. Afterwards, we went to the beach, and hada meal in Beachcomber. This restaurant is the host of Muse's Seaside Rendezvous gigs in 2009 when they went back to Teignmouth. Overall, Teignmouth is very tranquil, a place where I would visit again if there is any chance. If you want to visit this town, don't forget to rent a car or make sure your host is providing a car because local transport  is very rare within this town.

Teignmouth Pier


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