Indie paintings in Affleck Palace, symbols of Britpop in England

On new year's eve 2017, I visited Manchester to meet my Public Works awardees from Birmingham and Leeds. I have visited Manchester before, but only for watching RHCP concert hahah. When we arrived there, we were heading to The University of Manchester after having a cuppa in Costa near Afflecks Palace. I was a bit excited because this is the almamater of Benedict Cumberbatch and Alan Turing, a genius man who played the role of a genius man as well. This uni is on 10 universities in the UK, same as my uni, Warwick) There is an Alan Turing building on the university, which I think it belongs to the Mathematics school. After Visiting the uni, we went to visit Old Trafford. Three of my friends wanted to watch a match of Man Utd, and the rest of us (other 3 guys) headed to National Football Museum. This museum is free of charge, but you can donate your money here for their development. It is worth visit to the museum, as you can get many valuable information regarding football in the England, and there are some sort of simulations and not to mention the shop as well. We had a night-over in Prestwitch to spend our new year's eve, and continue the journey to Leeds tomorrow morning.

New Year's eve in Manchester


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