Kraton Ratu Boko

The Gate of Ratu Boko
Ratu Boko Palace is an ancient castle, which was used a very long time ago during Rara Jonggrang era, near Prambanan Area. It takes approx 1 hour from the center of Jogja to get there. It is located around 3km in the south of Prambanan temples. Although it is now only ruins that are left there, that magical yet mystical atmosphere still exists. The place is full of cultural ambiance, yet the view is really stunning if you want to catch sunset from above. Ratu Boko is placed in the highland area, so the weather is not too hot compared to Prambanan temples.

The Ruins
This site is a compound of complex area. The area is so wide which consists of Paseban, Pool, Pendopo, that has its own function in the previous era. Ratu Boko is already registered as well in the UNESCO Heritage Site as one of the world's legacies. You must prepare your walking shoes since you will walk a lot and going through many slippery stones. After a long walk, you can visit one of the huts there to get some snacks or just drink a glass of a fresh coconut water.

Pool Area
Top of The Castle
For a cultural place hunter like me, or if you just love ancient architecture or if you just seek for sunset, this place is very worth visit. The ticket price is IDR 25k or IDR 50k if you take a tour of Ratu Boko-Prambanan Package. Just come and feel the magically wonderful site here.
My sister & I
Visiting Prambanan


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