Parangtritis Beach

Actually I've visited Parangtritis for several times when I was young during my study trip to Central Java in Junior and High School. This time, I went to Parangtritis just to introduce shore landscape and play along with my daughter and family. Parangtritis is not too far from the center city of Jogja. It is located in Gunung Kidul, as any other beaches in Jogja. Although there are a lot of stunning beaches along sourthern sea of Jogjakarta, Parangritis is still the best option for family vacay.

My daughter was really happy yet exciting during our time in Parangtritis. We also took Bendi (a horse-carriage) to go around Parangtritis. She felt very ecstatic. Actually she also wanted to ride a motorcycle which is rented in the area, but I don't think that one is appropriate for her age. After cleaning ourselves, we had lunch in Waroeng Pohon, a family resto that is affordable and family-friendly as well.

It was her remarkable experience. She kept asking to go to the beach after that. Yeah, probably not in immediate time dear, since your mom will start her final exam in a few weeks lol.


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