Kedung Pedut Waterfall

It was a long-weekend term and my sister came to visit me in Jogja. She wanted to explore the nature of Jogja here, while my other two friends also wanted to swim in fresh water in Kulon Progo. We finally decided to go to Kedung Pedut Waterfall, after looking for several suggestions of waterfalls surround Jogjakarta.

As you might already know, the path to go to Kulon Progo is quite steep. In the middle of our journey, we accidentally bumped into sugar cane crop, which is so beautiful. Therefore we stopped by and took some fresh air for a while. It doesn't take a long time to go to Kedung Pedut, since we previously thought there would be a massive congestion due to long weekend holiday.

From where we parked in Kedung Pedut, we need to go through a long and tiring walk to get to the destination. Once you arrive at the waterfall, you'll be tempted to soak in the pool area and feel the fresh water coming from the waterfall. For those who want to test their adrenaline, there are several water sports such as waterfall hiking and flying fox. There is also a pool specialized for those who love to jump from the height to the water.

One thing I admire about this place is the officials are working professionally, yet they also provide garbage can in every 50m. Besides its natural beauty, Kedung Pedut Waterfall also provides convenient and refreshing feeling except some toilets that stink.


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