Ullen Sentalu Museum

Ullen Sentalu entrance
Another visit to one of the outstanding places in Yogyakarta. This time I went to Ullen Sentalu museum. Actually it's been a long time I've heard about this place. I accidentally won 2 tickets to Ullen Sentalu, therefore I can take my husband there (since we no longer had a date after moving here). This museum is located in Kaliurang highland, near Merapi mt, so it is not too far from our home. If you are a domestic visitor, the ticket price is 30000 IDR or 50000 IDR for an international tourist. By the time you get there, you will be assisted by the museum curator.

Museum Exterior
The museum tour approximately lasts for 1 hour. There are three main areas on this place. Basically, you will be explained about the root of Royal Javanese Empire, Mataram Islam, and how they split into Jogjakarta and Solo Royal Empire and so on. This museum is perfect for those who love royal tradition and cultures. The interior is also very rich in Javanese atmosphere. You'll be amazed by how they maintain this museum so beautifully organized. Pictures cannot be taken within the museum as well, that's why you can only see yourself by coming to this place. One thing that amazes me more, they don't accept tips, since it's already part of the ticket price they said. Ullen Sentalu is definitely a private museum with high professionalism. No wonder it is always considered as the best museum in Indonesia.

the ultimate place for taking pictures
If you wanna get some ethnic goods, this museum offers souvenir outlet named MUSE that sells many items with good quality at affordable price. I bought ethnic wall decoration for my friend's wedding (since i cannot fly to Jakarta on that day). In case you are hungry, a nice decorated restaurant is also available. Trust me, this place is a must visit if you plan to go to Yogyakarta. A romantic yet knowledgeable destination. Put it on your bucket-list for sure :D


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