Kalibiru National Park

It's been 4 months I live in Yogyakarta and I have no idea why do I still wanna travel more throughout this city and surroundings. I am maybe following the trends but oh who doesn't wanna go to Kalibiru when you're already in Yogyakarta? It was actually an impromptu no-lecture day, I decided to go to Kalibiru National Park with my college buddies. Kalibiru is located in Kulon Progo, the western side of Yogyakarta Province. It may take approx 1 hour or more to get there from the central Jogja.

Kalibiru View

When you enter the Park area, you'll be asked to pay the retribution (around 10k). You will have to ascend the sloped roads to the Kalibiru area. You'll be again charged for parking fee there. Since we went there on weekdays, not so many visitors came to the place. After parking our car, we have to somewhat climb to the ticketing area. After paying for entrance tickets, you will go up again to several spots provided. There are 3 spots for climbing and there are some spots for flying fox as well. By the time you reach your destination spot, I guarantee you'll get your thigh firm for having the uphill walks lol.

Queuing to see the view from tree house spot

You'll have to queue if you'd like to climb one of the tree house spots (10k per pax). When climbing the tree house, you'll be geared up with the safety equipment. The officer will take pictures while you're already at the top of the tree house. The view from the top is very green yet stunning, but it's also frightening if you're afraid of heights (including me). The pictures will be transferred via flash disk, android device (apple is not supported) or by email. Each photograph will be charged for 5k (minimum 4 pics taken). You can also ask your company to take picture of you without taking picture from the officers. 

At the top spot, but actually scared
If you wanna go there on Friday, mind the time. The officers will take a long break (Friday prayer and lunch) from 11 am to 1 pm. If you have spare time in the weekdays, that will be better. The visitors in the weekends may be much crowded.


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