Umbul Ponggok

As you know (from my previous post), we didn't have fun enough when visiting Sadranan Beach to do snorkeling. One day when one of our classes were called off, we decided to go to Umbul Ponggok. This place is located in Klaten, Central Java. It takes about 1 hour to get there, not as far as those southern beaches in Yogyakarta.

perfect light for swimming
Umbul Ponggok is a one-stop place for swimming, snorkeling, or even diving. It is a natural water-spring pond, filed with many colorful fish. Unlike the usual pool, the base of this pool is natural sands. Though it has many fish live there, the water is not fishy since the water spring keeps on flowing. 

swarm of fish
If you want to snorkel, they provide the snorkel gear with affordable price as well. The ultimate thing to do in Umbul Ponggok is absolutely taking picture underwater. The natural water spring here is so clear, so you might not want to miss the opportunity. Many photographic tools are also to be rented here. And oh, they also provide services for pre-wedding photos or any other occasional underwater photo purposes. The perfect time for visiting here is in the morning or afternoon, where the light is sufficient enough to take good pictures.

geared up?


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