Taman Sari Water Castle

Taman Sari is one of the cultural heritage palaces of Keraton Jogja, which is a former royal garden of Sultanate of Jogja. It is a place where Sultans took bath, swam, had fun with his mistresses. The location of this bath is in the central of Taman Sari. It is considered a World Heritage Site, but unfortunately when Yogyakarta having earthquake in 2006, some of the authentic ruins were stolen. The maintenance of Taman Sari was abandoned after Sultan Hamengkubuwono I died, mostly because the elaborate hydraulic works were so difficult to maintain. The pond now is left blank in every morning, but the committee fill the pond with water every afternoon. This place is really crowded, especially during weekend. The tourists are not only from domestic area, but also many foreigners are attracted to this place. There are many good spots to take picture here but once again, not during weekends.

Pond/Pool Area
Private Pool of the Sultans
The Gate
When you enter the area, you will smell kemenyan during you seeing. Particularly, Taman Sari is divided into four areas. The first area is the artificial lake Segaran which is located in the west side. The second area is the bathing complex in the south of the Segaran lake, called Umbul Binangun. The third area, where now is completely gone, is the Pasarean Ledok Sari and Garjitawati Pool, located in the south of the bathing complex. The fourth area is the east side of the first and second area.





Upside Area where Sultans watch his mistresses dance

The Ruins Left

Kampung Taman Area
Besides the pond and the heritage buildings and ruins, you can also see any other things here. There are many kepel trees growing in this area. It is known to be the natural perfume for sultanate family. Once you eat it, it will give you nice and good scent from your body. You can also visit Kampung Taman surrounding this area, where you can buy souvenirs from Taman Sari, which is occupied by the local residents there.


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