I was rather shocked when some of my friends told me that muse were going to perform in Singapore on September 26. Actually I was confused whether I've to attend the concert or not. Since it was gonna be held on weekend, I decided to buy the standing-area ticket. It was 2 days after Eid Adha, so I didn't have enough time to exchange the money and so on. All I could think was my friends would be there so I didn't have to worry. The only flight straight to Singapore from Jogjakarta is Air Asia and it only has 1 flight each day back and forth.

My flight was in the early morning. By the time I arrived, I met my muser buddies at the airport and we went to the hotel first to pray and putting our carriers. We went to the concert venue at Singapore Indoor Stadium at 2pm and the queue was not really long (around 3 lines to be exact). We made 2 groups divided to tag a queuing place so we could have lunch first. Around 5pm, we were allowed to get in the inside queuing area. We just couldn’t wait any longer so we made some random jokes and trash-talks to break the ice. We were allowed to enter the standing area approximately at 7pm one by one. Finally the ticket was scanned, after 2-layer queuing before that wasn’t scanned at all lol. Our group ran so quickly (but still look for each other) to get into the front row and we sure made it on Chris’ view front row. Unfortunately, there was a couple kissing next to us along the concert and we were like, ughh… Inside the stadium, we had to wait again for the opening act, which is The Ruse to perform at 8pm.

Chris side front row team
This Canadian band brought like 9 songs that were unknown for me to be honest. They are actually good, but just don’t match my genre. At 8.50pm they finished performing and the audience started to ignite again. Muse’s crew came up for some details, and I assume they will perform at least 30mins later. My legs were actually aching, so I decided to sit instead while everyone was still standing for muse to come up (avoiding that kissing couple as well tho). I finally stood again at 9.30 and muse still hadn’t showed up. We chatted for seconds and the lights were suddenly off.
Matt Bellamy on Psycho

a Chris' must-shot photo
I KNOW IT WAS MUSE!! I screamed like nobody cares, and then the sound appeared, it was Psycho that came as first single to be played when I heard Drill Sergeant intro. Then Reapers turned up. I couldn’t be more excited. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks from The Drones album. The last part was such an epic. Here Come The Drones!!! Muse never waste their time. Plug in Baby was next. The guitar riff said it all. I wasn’t particularly aware anymore with the surroundings. I didn't really notice what the band had done on the stage actually, for I just couldn’t handle this excitement no more. Plus, my view was always Chris and I had no ability to look at Matt or Dom’s side from where I stood. They continued the show with Resistance, a deep song that was played magnificently. There came the epic track, Unsustainable, one of the unusual tracks of muse. I followed the news anchor talking until the mind-blowing part came. Next they brought the deep yet sexy Dead Inside. The drum part was totally graceful, at least for me. The Interlude part of Hysteria was slowly heard after. The crowds were screaming as well for Hysteria. Probably it is compulsory for the band to put this song on every gig. The bass conquered the audience, until my favorite track of all time was being played. Yes, it is CITIZEN ERASED, the one with 7-string guitar, and with piano part at the end. I didn’t sing it loudly, but screamed at each lyric instead. I didn’t want this song to finish soon, though it is the longest track of all muse singles. They also played citizen erased at previous muse concert I’ve seen in Jakarta. Thank God I got it played at each concert. Next one we got the covered Feeling Good. This song calmed me down for some times. Dominic and Christopher started to punch the stadium with drum and bass solo. Eventually it was a starter for Madness. This song gave me a break to jump around and scream, except that one last part. Mostly each song that has official lyrics video will come out with the video at the background. Supermassive Black Hole came next, and I actually didn’t really spend too much energy on this, just sang the backing vocal part lol. Even worse, I didn’t sing at all when muse brought their all-time song Time is Running Out. Yeah, blame me for not being too muser. I thought maybe when approaching their last minutes, the tracks will be slowing down. This happened again in Starlight, when I was only humming for several times. Since I no longer have sufficient energy, it was an opportunity for me to rest a bit. Then Uprising came up. The tempo raised the goosebumps again. Many big black balloons were released in this part of the song. The audience, mostly in standing area snatched to stab the balloons which are filled by confetti. It was an incredible moment of a life-time.

full team from my view
I know this is not the end of the show yet. The setlist is completely the same as in Bangkok. The encore part didn’t really take a long time. Muse came again with Mercy, the touching one. On the halfway to the end of the song, the confetti was launched again. I felt my body was warm enough to be covered by these so-called cut-papers. Do you know what could be more ecstatic? Yes, it is Man with a Harmonica by Chris Wolstenholme. This melody was given as an intro for Knight of Cydonia. I didn’t stop moshing and head-banging over and over again along this song, AND I CAN’T. This beyond excited feeling, amusing sound, crowds’ hype, I couldn’t resist no more. This song is really a good booster to end the show.

And so it was. The show ended. As usual, they lack interacting with fans but it doesn’t matter. The security asked us to leave the indoor stadium. It was actually annoying but in the other hand they gave us drinking water during the concert for two times if I’m not mistaken. We took several pictures together before leaving the area. I was not just hungry, but already starving (every breast-feeding mother problem).

Indonesian Musers
I went to Jogjakarta the next day, with a post-concert syndrome. I mean, it is unlike other bands I’ve seen, there’s a feeling of wanting more and more. I can't distinguish whether it's an objective or subjective review if it comes to muse so I'm giving point to this concert 9.5 out of 10.

PS: I didn't take any proper shots so pardon my lack visual captures


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