Ngrenehan Beach

Since August 2015, I officially moved to Jogjakarta. I got a double-degree scholarship so I'll be living here for at least a year and moving abroad by next year. I took my daughter and husband as well. Luckily he also got the same scholarship scheme. Jogjakarta is well-known for its travel destination. As a new comer, I have to go places here before departing somewhere else hahaha. There are many fabulous beaches in Jogjakarta. My friends and I are excited to go one by one wandering them. The first place we visited is Pantai Ngrenehan or Ngrenehan beach. We went there by car, toward Wonosari. You'll be going through many winding roads to get there.

 the bluish Pantai Ngrenehan

When you enter the area, you'll be charged by the local commission for Ngrenehan and Ngobaran beach. Since Ngobaan beach can't provide water sports, we decided just going to Ngrenehan. We were already hungry so we decided to eat at one of the food huts that was available in Ngrenehan. You can directly see the beautiful scenery of the beach through here. Ngrenehan beach is a fisherman's beach. All of the seafood and fish in the hut restaurant are still fresh. There are many fish to be auctioned as well to be taken home if you are interested. Since I don't eat seafood (I have this allergic thingy FYI), I only ordered stir-fry vegetables with rice. My friends told me that the seafood has no any seasoning added, just the natural salt but they tasted real good and fresh. The price is also very much affordable.

 lunch in a hut

Travel buddies
After having lunch, we went to the shore and rented a boat to have fun. This shore is a bay-formed beach. Once you get there, you will see so crystal-clear sea water with its beautiful bluish color. At first I thought the boat would run usual but it actually went real fast. It drives your adrenaline and off course it was fun. I'd like to do it again. You can also swim and snorkel there. If you'd like to change clothes, bathrooms are available anywhere but don't expect for such a clean ones.


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