Sadranan Beach

Sadranan Beach is one of the beaches located in the southern sea of Central Java. Southern sea is known for its steep coral beaches, therefore it is not suitable for swimming. After visiting Ngrenehan beach, I'm still curious about visiting any other beaches along Jogjakarta. One of my friends wanted to snorkel on the sea, so we decided to go to Sadranan beach, which is according to some information we got, it is the nearest beach to go snorkeling.

Realxing in The Hut
The path to go to Sadranan is the same as to go to Baron beach. It takes approximately 2 hours from Jogja to be here. Sadranan beach is located in Wonosari, Gunung Kidul area. Once you get there, there are many retribution layers to be paid. As soon as you get there, many huts are provided for rent. There are many seafood stalls as well. Since this beach is well known for snorkeling activity, there are many snorkel gear rentals. The price is quite affordable.

Sadranan Corals
Once we were ready, we went snorkeling at 13.00. the water there is quite cold, so you don't have to mind the hot whether, but please put on your sunblock before swimming lol. Actually the edge of the sea is not too deep. I didn't use any life vest when snorkeling there. The are little number of fish, so don't expect to have an incredible experience of snorkeling here. The corals are rather steep and sharp. My friends were wounded by the corals. Me, who wore long legging was also get bleeding since the sharp one went through the fabric. We only swam for less than one hour, since knowing it is not too nice to snorkel here.

Snorkel Gear Rental
Beautiful Sadranan View
So our curiosity had ended. We went home by 3 pm after sipped some coffee there. Before going home, we stopped by at Bukit Bintang to have a supper. The view was not so good that time, since we got there before night. Thank God we finally had our stomach full after such an unsatisfying journey haha. But in the end, the beautiful view of the beach didn't disappoint us.

Supper at Bukit Bintang


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