Lombok Getaway

During me and hubby's summer break, we intended to go on a holiday. When hubby's term of scholarship ends next year, he'll be busy again as ever and it will be difficult for us to manage a holiday afterwards.
Tanjung Aan Beach
Playing on the pool in the Villa
We decided to go to Lombok. Why? Actually because my daughter and I love beaches hehehe. She always requested to go to the beach after I took her to Parangtritis. Otherwise, I've never been to Lombok and I'm looking for a quiet place to stay and relax. Furthermore, it is a birthday trip for me as a 30th birthday present muehehe. 

Relaxing on the Villa
While people tend to go to Gili Islands or Senggigi, we prefer going a bit east. We went to Tanjung Aan beach and found a cozy Villa there (Lakuen in Lombok) where everybody's wondering why there be Indonesians taking holidays here lol. There is one proper resto near the villa and it is really affordable yet tasty. It is located in Gerupuk area, a much quieter area where paradise is right in front of you. Another reason is also because it is really inconvenient to bring a child to do island-hoping in Gili Islands. There are lots of dogs in Lombok area but don't worry, they are not as savage as guard dogs or hounds.

Well, talking about the beach, Tanjung Aan is divided into two sections. One is filled with powder-like sands, Lombok signature swing, and also corals, while the other part is a complete beautiful beach with clear sea water with no corals so it's safe for children to play. The beach itself is really quiet. When we got there at 9 am, there were only 3 of us. Once it was 12 pm, there were 2 other groups coming. Luckily, this hidden treasure is much nearer to the airport compared to Senggigi or Gili area. So the child's tantrum can be less diminished.
Not so picture perfect


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