There have been many female vocalists from many bands that I've been listening to throughout these years. But there are only three vocalists that attract me most. Not only by their queer and strong vocals, but also their style on stage. These are my favorite female band vocalists:

She is the vocalist of Catatonia. Her uniquely shrill and strong voice are her vocal characters. After the band split, She is now having her own albums. Some of her songs are in Welsh, where that's the unique part of her solo album. This video is one of her masterpieces on the band. 

2. Shirley Manson
Garbage is the band where she's been now. She has such glamorous, sexy, and strong vocal characters. She's really sexy as well, since she used to be a model for catwalk. The band was really rocked in 90's Era. Their last album was in 2007, which is The Greatest Hits itself. This is one of my favorite songs of garbage :)

3. Sarah Blackwood
She is the front woman of Indie Dance band, Dubstar. The band came from UK, introducing British dance music. She sings with thick British accent, which is the most interesting character of hers. The hit single 'I (Friday Night)' is beyond cheerful and addicted.


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