Inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale. this is what i had been felt during their show on march 19. I really shocked when first time i knew that this Live n Rockin Concert was promoted by BlackBerry. I had such an instinct telling me that this was gonna be tough for fans to see Suede Concert. And finally it turned out that the only way to get this ticket was trading in your phone into selected BlackBerry handsets. I was like, what the fuck #$%^% shame on you, marketing! Fans and I were mad. Absolutely. This was such a capitalist marketing for us. hey, music is for everybody, not only for new BlackBerry users. I was browsing and looking up onto Suede's official website everyday, posted in their forum, and tweeted as much as can be to the promoter and Blackberry itself. We, fans, felt like, how come we had to trade in new BlackBerry while there would be four different performers on the stage? We had been complaining all the time, in Suede's forum particularly. and then Vanessa, Suede's current manager, told us that there will be quizzes to fulfill fans' quota. OMG she was so kind to us. Yes, Suede love their fans and vice versa :). She said there will be 500 tix to be given away for fans only. Okay by the time she told us, I'd been stuck around the monitor to see the quizzes she'd mentioned :D

And the time has come. It wasn't useless that i refreshed the forum page all the time! XD. Vanessa shared the link of the quiz so we, fans could join and get the ticket for each, YIHAAA!!! Actually the quiz would start after Ismaya (the promoter) announced it on their twitter page. But yes Vanessa published it before the rest of the world knew :D. I was officially gonna Suede Instead!

And oh well, there will be no luck without odds. I had a duty trip for 4 days before concert from office to Palembang. Actually it was a chance for me to visit families there. The concert was held on Saturday and I'd be arrived on Saturday noon whoaaaa... Such a critical schedule. Lucky me, Annie had taken my ticket before so i wouldn't waste time on the venue. I made an appointment with Annie to come together to the show. By the time i hit the venue, i also met Wedhar, Fira, Erlin, Ditto, Ceper, bang Eci and Adit. The show began at 7pm starring 2PM, Shontelle, and Taio Cruz.

Okay i was like sneaking around when Taio performed :p and then i got into the very front row with other suedeheads!! yeayyyy!!! Then i waited patiently to see my 90's fave band to perform :D. Before the show began, VJ Daniel took me up to the stage to sing one of my fav Suede songs and i sang 'Superstar' in front of the crowd OMG hahaha i can't believe i was Suede's opening act at that moment haha. By the time i got back into the row, SUEDE was performing instead! Oh My God, i couldn't take my breath away. I would want to cry. I couldn't hold my feelings and screamed out all the time. 

They played 'This Hollywood Life' as first song. I can't believe that Brett's position was right in front of meee oh noooo!! Neil and Matt as well but they stayed at their place :D. And the crazy moment was when Suede played 'The Wild Ones'. Brett sit right in front of me, not in front of people next to me. Oh My, i could fly away reminiscing this. Not to mention they giggled seeing Adit's banner that written 'I'M ACHING TO SEE MY ANDERSON' whoaaaa... They were so powerful and androgynous on stage they could be driving me away :D. After signed out by everyone's song 'Beautiful Ones', they were back with encore songs 'Saturday Night' and 'Lazy'. Actually my very fave song on setlist was 'Killing of A Flashboy'. I scale this concert 9 out of 10 ha ha. Here are their full setlist:
  1. She
  2. We Are The Pigs
  3. Killing Of A Flashboy
  4. Saturday Night



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