About 2 months ago, my college friends invited me to have lunch at Mang Engking UI. We had so much fun there (as usual) though i could only ate otak-otak and sayur kangkung (I'm allergic to seafood). After approximately 4 hours trashing eating, we decided to go karaoke-ing. We had to walk pass the bookstore first before arrive at NAV Karaoke. And there was a headline right in front of the bookstore, written: HABIBIE AINUN BOOK SIGNING 16.00 - 18.00 WIB. I was like, OMG is Habibie really here? If he is, i've gotta take a picture with him. He's one of my biggest inspirations. Take this chance, now or never!!

Fortunately, my friend Tuti accompanied me to meet Habibie :D. I never thought that she is a huge fan of Habibie too. Okay so we bought his book, and registered for a photo session. Actually the photo session would only be held until 6 pm but the book signing was still be continued until the registers got their books signed. And luckily, the committees put Tuti's and My books next to Habibie :D. Actually we wouldn't get the chance to take photos with him but Alhamdulillah, fortune was on our side. And then one of the committees mentioned Tuti's name and then she sat next to Habibie and i caught their pictures. Now's my turn to take the photos. I sat next to Habibie and Tuti caught the pictures :). Finally we got our books signed and our photographs together with our idol, Burhanuddin Jusuf Habibie.

Why do we adore him so much? He is one of the cleverest men on earth. His IQ score is still no.1 throughout Asia. Not only that, he's been loving her wife and family with all his heart. He has a high nationalism though many people doubt it ( i know he has it). He's not only good at technology, but also at his worship to God. He can balance his spiritual and and real life very well. My words just can't describe how adorable he is. I LOVE YOU OPA RUDI :).


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