Ladies, I'm sure you're all really thrilled with Kartini Day today. Yayy!! It's an appreciation for us, ladies, to be celebrated :). Actually, what's the meaning of Kartini Day? Is it all about emancipation? Or just a birth celebration of our Mother Kartini? Or maybe a day with Kebaya sightseeing all day? I guess you all have your own perceptions with this :D. I won't talk about Kartini's history now because you can google it yourself heheh :p. So who's your real Kartini in your personal life? :)

For me, my mom is the real Kartini for me in my daily life. She's been a very good mother all these times. She always wakes up at 4 am everyday cooking and serving breakfast for the whole family though she gotta go to work everyday as a civil service lecturer and gets home every night (and serves dinner as well). Oh not to mention she's also a well educated woman. Not only those routines, my mom's still active on Fatayat NU, continuing handed down family line tradition. She is also very good in driving car (i can't even park straightly :p) ever since she was in junior high school. Why do i adore her so much? Because mom still takes care her whole family, teaches her kids how to put religion norms in life and to be thankful to God all the time. Thanks a bunch, dear Mother :) :)



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