A small city called Coventry

Hi there. It's been a tough month for me. Yes I'm moving to a small city named Coventry. I am now currently studying at University of Warwick, UK. This moving is such a huge adaptation for me. Culture, habit, and this also changed how I see things through many perspective. Since I am now a permanent resident in the UK, I must be more tolerant, accepting, and of course work harder as I am here funded by the government not just to studying, but also to have the responsibility to advance my skills and knowledge in term of giving the best I can to my country.
Coventry City Center
Earlsdon Area
Spencer Park
Coventry Cathedral
Well, Coventry has nothing to offer but its most reputable University, Warwick Uni. Warwick is a top 10 UK university (and 50 worldwide) both by QS and Times Higher Education. Other than Warwick, Coventry has also its own Uni, Coventry University. Coventry is a small and quiet city, a nice place to study, and of course not very far from UK's capital, London. Coventry has its own airport, but the nearest International airport is Birmingham International Airport.

Birmingham Intl Airport
Coventry Railway Station
The nearest area to have fun in Coventry is Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. It is famous for its pub and bars. Many Warwick students choose to stay there, as British lifestyle I know is Work hard, Party Hard. There is also Warwick Castle (in Warwick town of course) near Leamington Spa. I haven't been there yet, but I guess it's not a bad idea to visit the castle some other time.

Warwick Uni Bus Stop
Student Union at Warwick
University of Warwick


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