İstanbul (Day 1)

Words just can't describe how wonderful Turkey is, 
so I decided to put it in pictures ;)

Arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Before Hit Blue Mosque
 Ceiling Interior of Blue Mosque

It Used to be Candles for Lighting during Ottoman Era

The Great Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque)

Blue Mosque's Yard


Simit, Traditional Turkish Bread

 Sultanahmet Street

Suleymaniye Camii, View from Bosphorus Cruisw

Dolmabahce Palace, View from Bosphorus Cruise

 Enjoying Bosphorus Cruise, Waiting For Turkish Tea to be Served :D

The Gate of Topkapi Palace

 The Legendary Topkapi Palace

Night Life at Istanbul

Overnight at Grand Anka Hotel

 Old Town, Istanbul


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