Brow & Liner Kit

I was born with naturally thin eyebrows. I never used any of pencil to draw my eyebrows. After I graduated from university and entered a new working life, I started to renew my old-fashioned look and tried to put some little make-up on my workdays. Actually I'm not a make-up person up to now. But for the eyebrows, I take some little notice on it because I find them a bit sparse.


I began using regular eyebrow pencil on my first working day. It helped my appearance well but sometimes I over-applied it due to its thick texture. One day I found this Brow & Liner Kit from The Body Shop. Since first using Brow & Liner Kit, I found it is easier to apply because my eyebrows are already shaped and I just need to fill them with this product to make them a bit thicker. It fabulously gives me natural eyebrows look without making them kinda fake. After a long-time use, I also find it is quite easier to apply if using Slanted Brush as the applicator.

One thing amazing about this Brow & Liner Kit is, it lasts for a long time. One piece can last for more than a year which is very worth the price. It is also available in two different colors and it has two tones in each piece. You can choose which color is most suitable for your skin and hair color.  I don't usually use heavy make-up on everyday activity, but using Brow & Liner Kit for my eyebrows is a must :)


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