Incredible CREED

On November 3rd, 2012 my friends and I went to Creed concert. It was held in Gandaria City, Jakarta. The concert itself is part of Guinness Arthur's Day annual event. It was also held in several cities in Indonesia. When we arrived, so many people there wore black-suit clothes. It kinda looked like a grunge show though. The opening act for the concert was Efek Rumah Kaca. Actually I like their music also so I enjoyed it a lot. 

Creed showed up late. They performed at like 10 pm. I didn't really notice about their old songs. I actually only enjoy their second album, Weathered. I met my junior high school mates in the middle of the show and they asked me to join them. We were singing loudly like there is no other. Creed played nice that night. The crowd began to get the euphoria when Higher started to play. They played Weathered songs at the end of the show. Creed gave encore for a moment and played three more songs for closing. With Arms Wide Open, One Last Breath, and last but not least My Sacrifice became the most epic part of the gig.

The concert was good, the sound was nice but it didn't give sort of goosebumps that keep the euphoria still on me. I rate this one 7 out of 10


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