Pianorgasm by KEANE

Keane had finally come to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet all keanesians here. They held a concert named Strangeland Tour on September 28, 2012. The concert was held in Tennis Indoor Senayan, where it fits up to 3000 audience. I went there with Koke. I queued to get in to the hall since like 7 pm, and finally got in to the very front barrier of the festival hall. Uyeaahh!! And the show began at 8.30 pm onwards. 
(Tom Chaplin in front of me)

The band started the gig with Your Eyes Open. The adrenaline rose up when they played Bend and Break and Nothing in My Way. Those are my fav songs though. Actually I was so lucky to got in the very first row at this concert. Actually it happened as well when I watched Placebo, Muse, and Suede concert. But Muse and Suede's were full of hysteria ha ha. Keane also played their new song, Silenced by The Night, which i love the most in Strangeland album. They truly won my heart when they gave us A Bad Dream, Disconnected, and This Is The Last Time in order. The crowd got so excited. I guess this is the best concert I've ever seen in 2012. Not to mention when Tim Rice-Oxley was playing the piano sexily, aaah can't help it. In the middle of the show, Richard Hughes also took a picture of us from his Drum seat.
(This piano duet was very sick) 
They played reaaaally great. Keane gave us encore once, but actually they already set 2 times encore. I still can feel the pianorgasm it brings me. I confidently rate this concert 8.5 out of 10. And this is the full setlist which i really love:

You Are Young
Bend and Break
Day Will Come
Nothing In My Way
The Lovers Are Losing
Silenced By The Night
Everybody’s Changing
Neon River
The Starting Line
Your Eyes Open
Stop For A Minute
Strangeland/On The Road
A Bad Dream
This Is The Last Time
Somewhere Only We Know
Is It Any Wonder

Encore 1:
Sea Fog
Sovereign Light Cafe
Crystall Ball


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