When I'm Mad, I Become Creative

A couple months ago, my friend Rendy gave me cloth material to be worn at his wedding party, September 9 2012. I immediately took the material to my usual tailor nearby. I wanted to make a dress with the material Rendy gave me. So it was supposedly done in July, but there had been so many repairs to be fixed with the clothe. Moreover, I could only go there every weekend due to my working time. When it was just only one more repair left, the tailor told me that he would go mudik and would be back on September 1st. And I was like, okay, not later than September 8 then. When I went to the tailor on Sept 7 & 8, he hadn't come back yet. I was so mad, and looked for other tailors nearby. I planned to make a new clothe from the leftover material the tailor gave me previously. Unfortunately, there was no tailor that could  make a dress in only one day. You wouldn't imagine how mad I was at that time. Then I went back to home, and I crazily decided to make the outfit myself. And oh since I don't have any sewing machine, I had to do it with my own bare hand. Yes, I finally sewed the dress myself. It started from 4 pm - 3 am. In the middle of making, my sister came and started to help. Thank God it was finally done, with no materials left. So here's my DIY dress I've striven for. 


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