The Cardigans Gran Turismo Tour

For the very first time, The Cardigans went to Jakarta for having a concert. The Cardigans was one of alternative legends in 90s era. This Swedish pop group held the concert on August 14th, coincided with fasting month. Due to fasting month, the promoter (Loud Production) made this concert start after tarawih prayer, at 9 pm onwards. Thank God my office is near to Tennis Indoor Senayan, so I wouldn't be stuck in traffic jam.

I came to this gig with Widi, Teo, Ditto, and Koko. The show started at 9.30 pm, and they gave us Paralyzed then Erased/Rewind for the starter. Nina Persson looked really cute with her wicked style. She wore headband and huge black wing on her clothes. The crowd was getting a little bit on fire after they brought Hanging Around and Higher. I guess that 90s goosebumps arouse when the band came up with My Favourite Game. That was one of the best alternative singles on its era. Nina Persson still sang good, though her voice was a little bit hoarse. She changed her clothes twice. This one was cuter than she wore before. The band continued with sweet tracks such as For What It's Worth and the legendary Lovefool. It was really epic when Nina sang this Lovefool by adding "I can't care bout anything but same old fucking you..." lyrics. During their last minutes, they brought back our memories to early 2000s with Live and Learn, You're The Storm, and I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer

They played really well, and oh not to mention the 90s factor was the important role during the show. The Cardigans came back a few minutes later giving us encore. Give Me Your Eyes, Rise & Shine, Communication were their very last songs. My friends and I were a bit disappointed knowing Carnival and also Sicked & Tired weren't played. Those two songs were actually hits in 90s era. I rate this gig 7.5 out of 10.


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