Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

A couple months ago I was chosen as one of The Body Shop Indonesia's BFFs. Its duty of a BFF is as a brand ambassador for The Body Shop Indonesia through Social Media. So last month I got my first endorsement package from The Body Shop yeayy!! hehehee.. The package surely contains my favorite products that i use everyday ;)

So I'm gonna review my first product, Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. I use this cleanser ever since a year ago. Actually before found this clever cleanser, I already used anti acne cleanser but somehow my skin still produced acne and I was really stressed at that time (my bf called me lebay btw hihihi) but skin is my main concern of overall look so I went to doctor afterwards. My doctor fascinatingly made my skin clear, and her treatment perfectly fit my skin. But over the time, I was really tired of queuing for medicines and consultation. I also had to suffer from Chemical Peeling pain every single month as well. Patients who were consulting increased, so she didn't even longer notice my skin problem anymore. Then I thought that I have to get skin treatment which is suitable for my skin and containing natural ingredients. 

So I started to look for skin treatment from The Body Shop. At first I was confused which treatment should I choose, Seaweed or Tea Tree. Then I consulted to The Body Shop representative at the store and she suggested me Seaweed cleanser set because I have this oily skin and occasionally get acne in period time. She said that Tea Tree product is too harsh for my skin. So I use this product routinely with the toner. My skin usually gets irritated if the product contains chemical substances and it will directly appear acne to my face. Usually skin cleanser for oily skin always leaves skin dry. I'm surprisingly satisfied with this product because it cleanses my skin thoroughly and leaves it smooth. It also gives cooling effect on your skin which is lovely and it has natural fragrance too. Say no to prone and breakouts skin no more. 

It is really worth the price with satisfying result. Since my job in office requires traveling a lot, this product is also available in mini traveling package so I don't have to be bothered by moving the big sized cleanser from bathroom to shower kit heheheh. I will never go back for any other skin cleanser, so please The Body Shop don't let this product discontinue :p


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