Jazzy Mraz

Jason Mraz and His Band held a concert last friday, June 22nd 2012. This was his 3rd time holding concert in Indonesia. Tour Is A Four Letter Word is the name of his recent concert during promoting his new album, Love Is A Four Letter Word. I went there with my partner, Koke. The show began with Everything Is Sound. The whole crowd in Lapangan D Senayan then started to sing. I couldn't handle the hype when he sang The Freedom Song. That's my favorite song on his new album. I actually fall in love with this Love is a Four Letter Word album. One of my fav songs, Be Honest, was sung after. Such a relaxing song it is.. And he continued with Lucky and Make It Mine. The show went romantic when he brought us The Woman I Love. No wonder those who came were couples who seemed to falling in love. With fedora hat and simple shirt, he looked quite entertaining. He covered Ain't No Sunshine that night. 

He made all tracks to be very jazzy, not to mention his first single, The Remedy. Then You and I Both, I'm Coming Over, Living In A Moment were played acoustically next. Koke and I were happy knowing that Frank D. Fixer, our both favorite song was played. He called it 'hipster song" lol wut.. In the middle of the show, the crowd was singing "Happy Birthday" and "Panjang Umurnya".. So actually his birthday is one day later than Jakarta's ha ha! He also sang "Di sini Senang Di sana Senang" intro to us. I just found out that Mr. Curiosity was made on his birthday, so he brought that song instead on stage with seriosa voice of him inserted. Aaaaand, it was such an amazing, superb, magnificent show when Jason brought Butterfly. It was such a climax, at least for me. It was full of energy, really like it. After playing I'm Yours, he gave us 3 encore (or Koke and I call it "play hard to get" part :p) songs which were Bella Luna, 93 Million Miles, and I Won't Give Up. I rate this show 7 out of 10.


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