Beauty With Heart by The Body Shop Indonesia

The Body Shop, as a natural and ethical beauty brand, invites its customers and the public at large to have a beauty with the heart, through the spirit of Beauty With Heart. This is a new spirit of beauty which invites all people to transform their point of views and attitudes of beautiful which so far only in terms of outward appearance these days. Now is the time that beautiful is not only about Look Good, Feel Good, but also Do Good. The launch of Beauty With Heart was held on Wednesday, June 20 2012 in Jakarta by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) The Body Shop Indonesia, Suzy Hutomo.

The Body Shop defines Beauty With Heart with Look Good, Feel Good dan Do Good.  
Look Good: as a result of the use of products made from natural raw materials and deliver the best quality at true beauty innovation and beneficial for skin health and body as well.
Feel Good: as a result of feeling comfortable using their products because these products originate from a brand that cares about human beings, the earth, and animal protection.
Do Good: through engagement with the brand that encourages and take concrete action to help others through fair trade programs with the community, commitment to animal protection, and a real effort to protect our earth.

The Body Shop brings the spirit of Beauty With Heart in conjunction with the presence of a new concept store called "Pulse" and the appointment of Lily Cole (model and actress who is an activist) as an international brand advocate for The Body Shop. This Pulse-style shop with a boutique concept brings such warmth welcoming space for display and encouraging the customer to the product and the values ​​that are trusted by The Body Shop. By design, interactive, enabling customers to try different kinds of beauty products. The concept of environmentally friendly material is in the shop, such as LED Light, as well as certified wood and bamboo are used.


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