Kembang Dhewo Salon & Day Spa

Several days ago i was coming to Kembang Dhewo Salon & Day Spa, the nearest Spa House from my new house :p. When i got there, the servant gave me the product list and i was only interested to body scrub treatment since i was needing for that treatment only hahahha. I went there to Kembang Dhewo with my sister, Azka. We share the same room with the same treatment as well. So this spa house lets you choose your own privacy, whether you want to get treated with your partner or not. I didn't know that there are several scents of this scrub which are milk, coffee, strawberry, and vanilla so i didn't exactly know what scent she put into my body scrub. So there it began, the therapist started massaging and pouring the scrub into my body. After scrubbing, then i went into the sauna room. It was totally indulging! We can set up our own heat temperature, and the length as well. After did sauna, then i took a bath on a jacuzzi. YES, JACUZZI!! Totally luxury, enough said. The price is quite affordable though compared to its quality :)
you can reach this Kembang Dhewo Salon & Day Spa at:


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