Beauty Class by The Body Shop Indonesia

I got the chance to attend Beauty Class by The Body Shop Indonesia last Sunday. I was so excited because i used to attend the same beauty class by &*$@vd90n# (one of the international cosmetic brand i can't mention :p) but i felt like i didn't get any beauty knowledge from my previous beauty class. This chance has been given from TBS to those who have TBS member card around Depok region. So the class started at 10 am. The beauty trainer from TBS is the one who won make up competition several weeks ago in Aussie. The class ran for approximately 3 hours. Actually there were sooo many phases that i can't mention here, from applying the serum, foundation, etc but i only write the interesting part of those :D. They taught me how to apply eyeshadow, and now i know how to make those eyeshadow layers well heheh. Then i also learned how to put the eyebrow pencil using The Body Shop eyebrow kit as well, never thought that we have to draw the first 3/4 part of our eyebrow. The most exciting part of the class were learning how to make cheek shading and also putting the liquid eyeliner because all this time I've been using pencil eyeliner which is not too bright in my eyes. After all these parts, i felt so happy knowing my beauty knowledge has increased (a bit) heheheh :p. Thanks The Body Shop, this is the best beauty class I've ever attended :)


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