I've been excited to this event ever since months ago. Seems like i surfed the website www.javarockingland.com everyday to see who's going to perform at this event so I'd decide to come or not hehehe.. But when the committee said that Stereophonics is going to perform on Saturday, i felt like WOW, yeayness, woohoo another britpop band who's going to be seen by me :D. I contacted my bestfriend Annie, instead, just to tell her that Stereophonics's going to perform on JRL. She was also very excited and asked me to book the tickets for her too. Several days later i was informed that Dashboard Confessional will perform either at the same day, haha. Koko told me that DC was eager to perform again in Indonesia haha i think they're hooked to be here :P.

Okay, so the tickets were already purchased, for me and Annie. And few days later i felt like another luck plied me :D. I got the free ticket from Java Rockin' Land Quiz woohoo thank God for that. I asked my boyfriend to join me on JRL but he wouldn't, he's rather attending Java Soulnation instead of JRL i guess. Suddenly my friend, Tya canceled her willing to come to JRL due to lack of cash so i sold my ticket to her at student price :). There it went, suddenly Annie canceled her coming to JRL. She was having some kind of blackout syndrome :( oh nooo, my besty, stay fit please. Then i got JRL ticket excessively for one and i called Agun to accompany me that day. Such a rush situation, i know. So after did Magrib, me and Agun headed to Ancol to enjoy the biggest rockin' show on South East Asia :).

I was late when i wanted to see them. Belle of The Boulevard was being played when i just touched down Carnaval beach. They perform at GG Stage, the main stage of all. I only enjoyed several songs such as As Lovers Go, Hands Down, and Vindicated due to my tardiness. But honestly, the show on Ponds Teen Concert was more successful than this.

Actually i didn't got into the crowd when they performed. I stayed at GG Stage to wait for Stereophonics :p but the show at Langit Musik Stage was audible so it could be heard from my spot since it stage was near the GG Stage hahah. I kinda enjoyed Rehab, Life Is Free, and So Little Time. They were such amusing though :).

This is the band that I've waited for. We've queued for some like an hour to get the most front row to see this show :D. Stereophonics were damned good! They played 100 Trees, Have A Nice Day, Just Looking, Maybe Tomorrow, and Dakota as well. They're too good to be true! Welsh bands are always interesting, aren't they? But unluckily my fave song that has made me love this band wasn't being played. Well, quite disappointing, but overall their performance was great :). Here are some of their pics ;)

All the show on JRL day 2 has ended, but my friend Tya lost her wallet with its contents :(. Her bag was being razored by thieve. There it goes, we should take lessons from every single thing that we've through to make things better :). I scale this show 7 out of 10.


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