Who/What Are Your Vitamins?

Actually this is a quite random post i wrote hehe but i love to reveal what's odd inside my head :p
Ok let's mention vitamins which issued and consumed around us: Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K.
So here's my vitamins stand for:
Vitamin A : mmmmm, Ayah? Azka? Or could that be Angga? :P
Vitamin B: Britpop sure thing!!!
Vitamin C: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia. Both can't be separated, truly queen of britpop!
Vitamin D: I love my own name, Diana. So this could be my vitamin :p
Vitamin E: Engineering? haha, been thru years to get this position i love
Vitamin K: Karaoke! Yeay, always love doin this and i always dominate everytime i do this ;)

This is just for fun LOL :P


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