Ve's Birthday in Warwick Castle

When my family went to England the other day, it happened to be on my daughter's 3rd birthday. I made her a birthday pie that day, and all of my family finished it before we went to Warwick Castle lol. My daughter was so excited to go to Warwick Castle, as she's a huge fan of Frozen. She said she wanted to visit Elsa's house :). Warwick Castle is located in Warwickshire, not very far from Coventry. I think it is one of the best attractions in West Midlands. I already bought the ticket online, as it is way cheaper than buying on the spot. Since it is still on West Midlands area, I also bought group ticket for bus day pass from Stagecoach West Midlands since it has more reasonable price for one group of 4-6 people. Once we arrived, we watched the Eagle Show. It was quite attractive, as many people were really into the show. My daughter asked me to buy a tiara from merchandise store, as she's having her birthday that day. We also went inside the castle, where there are many rooms to be visited. My daughter was really thrilled as she practised some of the lines from Frozen hahaha. We did also enjoy the green grass yard of the castle, and had a lunch at the underground resto buffet inside the castle. What is more exciting is my daughter and I had a maze adventure to collect all the stamps provided inside the maze. This is definitely the best castle in England for family. Before we went home, she also enjoyed a good time in the playground with some other kids. 

Birthday Lunch wefie
Playground temptation


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