It started out as my roommate bucket-list, we finally attempted to apply for schengen visa to Iceland. He wanted to see some snows and if we get lucky, we might see Aurora or Northern Lights as well. Unfortunately, we only got single entry visa, so we have to apply again for our next euro-trip. FYI, trip to Iceland is very expensive, I think the cost is twice as in Britain so you might consider several things before planning to go there. We decided to rent a car instead of going on a tour, since the price is really shocking our pockets. It is nicer to had this road trip as we can plan our own destinations without have to wait for other people to get in to the bus. 
Road trippin
courtesy: hoctri
We only visited Iceland for four days, since our spring break in Warwick uni is very limited (and there is a paper due as well). The mandatory place to visit is Golden Circle locations which are Þingvellir national park, Strokkur Geysir, Gullfoss waterfall, and Kerið volcanic crater. Iceland is definitely a place for a natural-scenic lover since it is a volcanic-ally and geologically active land. That's why it is called the land of fire and ice. I am more interested with this kind of journey instead of getting a selfie at Eiffel or Pisa 😁 
Thingvellir National Park
The next day we were strolling around Reykjavik and visiting Open Air museum, Hallgrimskirkja, Seljalandsfoss, and Skogafoss. The latter two are in the south east part of Iceland. Although it's entering spring already, still Iceland is covered by heavy snow and snowfalls. Though we didn't get the aurora (it requires very clear sky with no cloud and patience every single midnight), it is still worth the visit because apparently Iceland is just one of a kind and specifically unique. For further info on Iceland tourism, just click

Open Air Museum
Geothermal Power Plant
Heavy snow on Skogafoss


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