Sugar Ray at Java Rockin' Land 2013

Actually I wasn't really excited to come to Java Rockin' Land (JRL) 2013 this year. The Line-Ups aren't too interesting. I finally sold my day-1 ticket cause I was too lazy to go outside hehehe. But for Sugar Ray, well it is not that bad to see them live, since they are one of the 90's band icons :p

I met Adit and Koko at the venue. Sugar Ray came up on time, at 22.15. They started the show with Speed Home California. I was so happy when they continued with Someday and Answer The Phone, my favourite songs of them. What made us, 90s generation thrilled was when they played Every Morning. That is soooo 90s hahahaa.. Falls Apart and When It's Over were played as well, and the goosebumps were still in the air.

Photo: Courtesy of Mahdesi
Mark McGrath, the vocalist, joked a lot. Even when the band wanted to give us encore, he said "I wanna give you all the encore part. I'll leave and go back to stage. Let's just fake the encore" He surely has a good sense of humor. The show ends with three songs. Well, it wasn't a bad show though. I was enough satisfied. I scale this performance 6.5 out of 10.


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