Conventional Palembang Wedding Reception

My wedding ceremony was held in a Palembang ambiance, at Balai Komando Cijantung. Since my father is a Palembang, I liked to keep its tradition and culture preserved. For entertainment, an Orkes Melayu performed to boost the Palembang atmosphere. And oh, my aunt from Palembang also provided Pempek for my wedding day, all cooked by herself hehee...

Traditional Wedding Invitation and English Dictionary for Souvenir

 Make Over by Tante Linda 

 Putting Aesan Gede Sunting

Husband Doesn't Do Make-Up :))
 Photo-shoot Before Wedding Reception Started

 With Brother and Sisters

  Throwing Jasmine Petals Along The Carpet

The Dancers Put Gold Long-Nails to My Fingers

Husband Waits Behind

Pagar Pengantin Dance, A Traditional Palembang Dance with The Bride Together


Wedding Stage (Pelaminan) by Citra Decoration

I Just Love Balai Komando Since It Provides Large Capacity Hall

Husband and I at Wedding Stage ;D

 Since My Parents Don't Allow Us to Display Pre-Wedding Pictures, We Decided to Replace It With 2 Collage Mosaic Pictures. Surprisingly Many Friends & Colleagues Took Pictures with Each of Them :D


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